Đề Thi TOEIC Writing 9-9-2020 

Đề Thi TOEIC Writing 9-9-2020 

Các sĩ tử luyện thi TOEIC thân mến! Nhằm mục đích hỗ trợ các bạn trong quá trình chinh phục mục tiêu TOEIC Writing mong muốn gửi đến các bạn sample answers phần Writing Task 2 trong đề thi TOEIC Writing ngày 9-9-2020 vừa qua tại IIG Việt Nam.
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Câu hỏi : Some people believe that the old should take on the role as leaders or directors at companies, others think that such important positions are suitable for the young. Which statement do you agree or disagree with?

Mở Bài

It is no doubt true that assuming leadership roles in companies is too important to be neglected. Some people hold a belief that such leadership positions should be intended for the elderly while others opine that the juveniles are more suitable. In my viewpoint, businesses should be put under the old’s leaderships with the role as leaders or directors.  

Thân Bài 1

Initially, the young are likely to lack leadership experience compared to that of older people. The more time people spend on their career path, the more experience they could accumulate day in day out. Most of the senior managers these days used to take on different roles before being a manager, as an office employee, the head of the department, or an assistant. In this way, they may have the cumulative experience to cope with problems and establish their style of leadership in the future. Besides, many countries in the world also prefer to be put under old presidents or ministers’ leadership like the US, Germany, or Japan in hope of their experience to handle a large amount of daily work.  

Thân Bài 2

Next, immature behaviors and thoughts are a reason why the young generation might have difficulties in the role of a manager. To make an important decision, a young person is likely to have irrational opinions whereas a senior manager frequently weighs up the pros and cons before action. On the other hand, when it comes to relationships with subordinates, a younger director needs to devote their time to becoming tactful. Meanwhile, an older leader is easy to keep everything not out of their control with moderate flexibility. It is worthwhile for a manager to win friends and influence people, their staff in particular.

Thân Bài 3

Afterward, the old now are easy to keep up with the modern trends in work. Many people think that the exponential development of technology has caused a challenge to the old’s leadership in companies or organizations due to their ignorance of information technology. They wonder whether old managers could adjust to perform their leadership roles well or not. However, companies nowadays have paid more attention to furnish their staff, including the old ones, with essential computing skills. Also, old leaders are encouraged to broaden their minds concerning contemporary trends which the juveniles are catching.  

Kết Bài

For the reasons mentioned above, it seems to me that the elderly had better be in charge of leadership roles on which the juveniles are not competent to take. (407 words)  

+ It is no doubt true that = It is undeniable that
+ Assume = Be in charge of = Take on the role as : Đảm nhiệm
+ Too important to be neglected : Quá quan trọng đến nỗi không thể bỏ qua
+ Hold a belief that = Believe that
+ The elderly = The old
+ The juvenile = The young
+ Under one’s leadership : Dưới sự lãnh đạo của ai đó
+ Lack leadership experience : Thiếu kinh nghiệm lãnh đạo
+ Career path : Con đường sự nghiệp
+ Accumulate (v) = Cumulative (adj) : Tích lũy
+ Cope with : Ứng phó
+ Style of leadership : Phong cách lãnh đạo
+ Immature # Mature : Non nớt # Trưởng thành
+ Make a decision : Đưa ra quyết định
+ Irrational opinion : Quan điểm cảm tính
+ Weigh up the pros and cons : Cân nhắc lợi hại
+ Subordinate (n) : Cấp dưới
+ Out of one’s control : Vượt tầm kiểm soát của ai đó
+ Moderate flexibility : Sự linh hoạt có chừng mực
+ It is worthwhile for SO to do ST : Quan trọng cho ai đó làm gì
+ Keep up with : Theo kịp
+ Exponential = Faster and faster
+ A challenge to one’s leadership : Sự thách thức đến sự lãnh đạo của ai đó
+ Ignorance of ST : Thiếu kiến thức, thông tin về điều gì
+ Adjust to : Thích nghi
+ Pay attention to : Chú ý đến
+ Furnish SO with ST : Trang bị
+ Broaden one’s mind : Mở mang hiểu biết
+ Contemporary trend : Xu hướng đương đại
+ Be competent to do ST : Có khả năng làm gì

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