Đề Thi TOEIC Writing 19-8-2020 

Đề Thi TOEIC Writing 19-8-2020 

Câu hỏi : What are the advantages and disadvantages when schools require their students to take physical fitness classes?

Mở Bài

It is undeniable that physical education is a necessary subject. When designing a curriculum, most schools do not overlook the importance of it. However, when studying physical fitness classes is mandatory, this brings about both benefits and drawbacks.

Thân Bài 1

Firstly, the overriding advantage of forcing students to learn physical education is to have a balance between studying and relaxation. It would appear that students these days have a stressful life as a penalty of much pressure from learning, tests, exams, and assignments. It is argued that this outdoor activities-oriented subject is a useful way for students to lower the level of stress during terms. Besides, physical education classes help arouse excitement among students. After a tiring school due to theoretical lessons on History, Literature, or Sociology, they could engage in outdoor activities like doing exercise, playing sports, or going jogging. Thereby bringing students comfort to improve their work-life balance.

Thân Bài 2

Secondly, physical fitness lessons play an important role in encouraging students’ physical and mental well-being. The more time students must spend on studying, the fewer chances they might have to stay healthy. Supplementing the curriculum with these classes helps students make use of their time at school to do the workout. Besides, not only do schools play their part in educating students on knowledge, but they also need to ensure students’ physical and mental development. As a result, requiring students to attend physical education classes is beneficial to both of them.

Thân Bài 3

However, there is an increasing concern among many people when it comes to this obligation. First, when students partake in physical fitness classes, they may face a high risk of being injured as a consequence of running, jumping together with plenty of other activities. Second, not all schools have the appropriate facilities to organize such special classes. The facilities that were of poor quality concerning gyms, exercise equipment, and even professional trainers, are seen as one of the reasons leading to accidents, injuries for students.

Finally, many students have difficulties in sparing enough time for studying physical education and other subjects at the same time. The time they could spend on compulsory subjects like Maths, Physics is limited, let alone take time to learn such a minor one.

Kết Bài

In conclusion, it seems to me that asking students to study physical education classes could produce both the pros and cons. (388 words)

+ It is undeniable that : Không thể phủ nhận rằng
+ Design a curriculum : Thiết kế một chương trình học
+ Overlook : Xem nhẹ
+ Mandatory = Compulsory = Obligatory : Bắt buộc
+ Benefits and drawbacks = Advantages and disadvantages = The pros and cons : Thuận lợi và bất lợi
+ Overriding : Quan trọng nhất
+ A penalty of : Như là kết quả (tiêu cực) của
+ Outdoor activities-oriented subject : Môn học thiên về hoạt động ngoài trời
+ Arouse excitement : Khơi gợi sự hào hứng
+ Theoretical lessons on : Bài học lý thuyết về
+ Engage in = Partake in = Attend : Tham gia
+ Thereby V_ing : Vì vậy
+ Work-life balance : Sự cân bằng giữa công việc và cuộc sống
+ Play an important role / Play the part in ST : Đóng vai trò quan trọng trong việc gì
+ Physical and mental well-being : Sự phát triển về thể chất và tinh thần
+ Supplement ST with ST : Bổ sung vào
+ Be beneficial to ST / SO : Có lợi đến ai đó / điều gì đó
+ Make use of : Tận dụng tốt
+ Do the workout = Do exercise
+ Face a high risk of : Đối mặt rủi ro cao về
+ Have difficulties in ST : Gặp khó khăn trong việc gì đó
+ Let alone : Huống hồ chi

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