Câu hỏi 1 :

Since every penny of the grant………………spent on equipment, we started looking

for volunteers to do the cleaning.

A must have been     

B would have been           

C has been

D had to be


Câu hỏi 2 :

At this time last year, they ____________(build) this house.

A built  

B was built      

C was building

D were building


Câu hỏi 3 :

Daisy _________ (come) to her grandparents’ house 3 days ago.

A comed

B came

C come

D had come


Câu hỏi 4 :

I ____________ (chat) with my friends while my teacher ____________ (teach) the lesson


A was chatting – teaching

B was chatting – was teaching

C was chatting – taught         

D chatted – taught


Câu hỏi 5 :

He _________ (buy) me a big teddy bear on my birthday last week.

A buyed

B bought

C had bought

D has bought


Câu hỏi 6 :

At this time yesterday, I ____________ (prepare) for my son’s birthday party.

A prepared      

B was prepared

C was preparing

D were preparing


Câu hỏi 7 :

My friend _________ (give) me a bar of chocolate when I _________ (be) at school


A gave – was    

B given – was

C gived – was

D gave – were


Câu hỏi 8 :

They ____________ (not go) to school when I met them yesterday.

A weren’t going

B not going

C didn’t go

D weren’t go


Câu hỏi 9 :

__________(live) here five years ago?

A You lived

B Have you live

C Did you lived

D Did you live


Câu hỏi 10 :

My sister ____________ (read) books while my brother ____________ (play) football

yesterday afternoon.

A was reading – playing        

B was reading- was playing

C was reading – played         

D read – was playing


Câu hỏi 11 :

__________ (be) at your house last weekend?

A Your friend was      

B Did your friend be

C Was your friend     

D Did your friend


Câu hỏi 12 :

They ____________ (work) when she came yesterday.

A was working

B were working

C working

D worked


Câu hỏi 13 :

They __________ the bus yesterday.

A don’t catch

B weren’t catch

C didn’t catch

D not catch


Câu hỏi 14 :

Anne ____________ (ride) her bike to school when Peter saw her yesterday.

A rode

B was roding

C was riding    

D riding


Câu hỏi 15 :

What __________ you __________ two days ago?

A do – do

B did – did      

C do – did        

D did – do


Câu hỏi 16 :

They ____________ (work) when we got there.

A was working

B were working

C working

D was worked


Câu hỏi 17 :

I __________ late for school this morning because my alarm clock ____________.

A was – didn’t go off

B am late-don’t go off

C was – not go off

D was – didn’t went off


Câu hỏi 18 :

My mother ____________ (cooking) lunch while my father ____________ (clean) the

floor at 10 am yesterday.

A was cooking – was cleaning

B cooking – cleaning

C cooked – cleaned               

D was cooking – cleaned


Câu hỏi 19 :

When I __________ young, I __________ a lot of help from my friend.

A am – receive

B was – received

C was – had received

D was – receive


Câu hỏi 20 :

At 12 o’clock yesterday, we ____________ (have) lunch.

A was having

B had    

C were having

D having



Câu hỏi 1 :

Friday will be a bad day for me – I have an extra session and maybe a press

conference. I wish your mother………….on Saturday or Sunday. But I know it’s not

your fault.

A didn’t come

B were coming

C came

D had come


Câu hỏi 2 :

My sister _________(get) married last month.

A getted

B got     

C gotten

D had got


Câu hỏi 3 :

I  ____________ (drive) my car very fast when you called me.

A drove

B was driving

C was drive     

D were driving


Câu hỏi 4 :

My computer _________ (be ) broken yesterday.

A was

B were

C had been

D has been


Câu hỏi 5 :

My father ____________ (watch) TV when I got home.

A was watching

B watched       

C were watching

D was watched


Câu hỏi 6 :

My sister  __________ home late last night.

A comes

B come

C came 

D was come


Câu hỏi 7 :

Where ____________ (go) when I saw you last weekend?

A was you going

B were you going

C did you go

D you went


Câu hỏi 8 :

My children _________ (not do) their homework last night.

A didn’t

B not did

C didn’t do      

D has done


Câu hỏi 9 :

My mother ____________ (not do) the housework when my father came home.

A didn’t do

B didn’t doing

C wasn’t doing

D weren’t doing


Câu hỏi 10 :

They _________ (watch) TV late at night yesterday.

A watch

B did watch     

C have watched

D did watched


Câu hỏi 11 :

He ____________ (plant) trees in the garden at 4 pm yesterday.

A was planting

B planted

C was planted

D planting


Câu hỏi 12 :

They _________ (not be) excited about the film last night.

A didn’t be      

B was not

C weren’t  be

D weren’t


Câu hỏi 13 :

She ____________(paint) a picture while her mother was making a cake.

A was painted

B  painted

C painting        

D was painting


Câu hỏi 14 :

My father __________  tired when I __________ home.

A was – got      

B is – get

C was – getted

D were – got


Câu hỏi 15 :

He ____________ (type) a letter when his boss went into the room.

A was typing   

B typing

C typed

D was typed


Câu hỏi 16 :

Where __________ your family __________ on the summer holiday last year?

A do – go

B does – go

C did – go

D did – went


Câu hỏi 17 :

He ____________ (chat) with his friend when his mother came into the room.

A chatting        

B chatted

C was chatting

D was chatted


Câu hỏi 18 :

He ……………………the umbrella in his right hand trying to keep his balance.

A hold

B held

C has been holding     

D has held


Câu hỏi 19 :

At this time 2 days ago, I ____________ (travel) in America.

A travelled      

B travelling     

C was travelled

D was travelling


Câu hỏi 20 :

There ___________ a lot of people at the party yesterday.

A was

B is       

C are     

D were



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